Rebecca W. Mayo (Mama Mayo)

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Teacher-- "Knowledge lets you fly to new heights on beautiful wings."

NAME: Rebecca W. Mayo

SCHOOL: E. A. Laney High School

CLASSES: H. Biology II, A. P. Biology, Honors Biology

SCHOOL PHONE: (910) 350-2089 ext. 340

Welcome to Mayoville!!!

Hello.  I have been teaching for many years and most of that time has been at 
Laney High School. There are two things that have kept me in teaching this 
long.  Every year I gain deeper understanding about topics that I have 
studied most of my life.  This is a wonderful experience.  I also find great 
joy when students recognize that hard work for the sake of learning can be a 
great reward on its own.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 
are the tools that offer opportunties for our country and the protection of 
our world.  Come join me in Mayoville.  Once you enter Mayoville, you will 
never be the same again!!!

Mission For The Class

I want students to see the "big picture" in science.  I want to help students 
understand the effects of their personal choices on their individual health 
as well as the health of our planet.  Like the game, Jenga TM, where the 
moving of a single piece can cause the entire tower to collapse, every choice 
society (the students) makes affects the world or environment, which in turn 
affects the individual.  To make educated choices, the students must be 
active learners in a rigorous study of ever-changing science concepts in the 
classroom, active observers of actual examples of scientific concepts and 
changes in our world, and active participants in the scientific studies and 
decisions made by our society.

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