Dear  Parents,
   We are starting our fourth and final grading period March 13, 2017.  We have an exciting quarter ahead including our Field Trip (4/24) and the  Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion 5/06).
Please note that everyone's banner is due by Friday April 7th. (Even non-communicants).

   In addition, the flu and allergy season has taken a toll on our class room supplies.  If you could, would you please send in a one box of tissues.  Thank you for your donations.

   Thank you for all of your support.  It is our pleasure to teach your children.

Mrs. Riter 
Mrs. Spellman

  • We are now studying upper case letters:
    We have completed all lowercase letters and 
    Uppercase A,O,C,D,E, M,H, K, & U.

  • Please feel free to practice the above letters and as we learn new letters, more will be added to this list!

    Unit 7 math test Wednesday March 29th.