Dear  Parents,

 Thank you to everyone for my beautiful cards and flowers.  It made the day very special.    Thank you to Mrs. Riter for our ice pop treat.  It was a fun way to end today, Apr. 26.

     It is almost here, receiving the Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion 5/06.
Second grade was able to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation today (4/26).
     There is a rehearsal on WEDNESDAY May 3rd @ 5:30.  Please drop your child off at St. Bernadettes and proceed over to the church.  

  See you then,                                         
   Mrs. Riter 
   Mrs. Spellman

  • We are now studying upper case letters: Q

    We have completed all lowercase letters and 
    Uppercase: A,C,D,E,H, K,M, O,U, Y Z.

  • Please feel free to practice the above letters and as we learn new letters, more will be added to this list!