Dear Parents,                                                                                   Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for the warm wishes for a Merry Christmas, Christmas cards with pictures of your beautiful families, and thoughtful and lovely gifts for Mrs. Lopes and me. We also so appreciate your most generous gift cards - thank you!

We are off to a busy start this year! Thank you to Mrs. Blachly and Mrs. Edwards for the regular Sunday emails keeping us all up to date on what is going on. The Sign Up Genius is already filling up for this new semester!

We are so proud of all of the children in 2D. They are continuing to work hard. It is amazing that the year is half over. This next semester promises to fly by as well, we are sorry to say.

As you will notice, the homework assignments are a bit heavier at times and the children are being held more responsible in many ways. We will add handwriting homework to our weekly assignments and, on occasion, there will be a reading practice page or two coming home. Our math facts worksheets will soon be 100 problems in 5 minutes. This timed sheet should always be a “stress free” repetition to hammer simple addition and subtraction facts. It is expected at the beginning of third grade for the children to know their facts.

Our first mandatory parent meeting for those parents of children receiving the sacrament is next week, Wednesday, January 11, at 6pm in the Fallon Center. Our class will receive the sacrament together, along with half of the Faith Formation class, on Saturday, February 25th. If there is a conflict, your child may join Miss Halk’s class on Saturday, February 18th. Please email me with the request and I will let Mrs. Halk and Mrs. Brown know. Next week all children will been given the assignment to memorize the Act of Contrition that they will recite to me whenever ready beginning the the end of the month. We recite this prayer each morning after announcements so the task of memorizing will be fairly easy! A copy of this prayer is also on the Class Pages of the OLL website.

As always, thank you so much for all that you do for our class. What a wonderful year we are having and we sincerely thank each of you for your support thus far!

Amy Dever

Regina Lopes