Every day your child needs to practice Reading (15 Minutes) and Math. This
will NOT always be written in their homework books, but IT IS expected that
they will work on these skills daily.
There are enrichment Math sheets and Workshop Way that students can
individually use to advance their studies.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a student forgets their Spelling Journal in school and does
their HW on a separate piece of paper, they will receive credit but will be
required to re-write it in their journal. 
      ****Parents are asked to sign or initial their child's daily HOMEWORK
JOURNAL beside the day's assignment,(after you have a chance to review).** 4
missed HW assignments will affect grading.****

Monday, May 23,2016
This weeks spelling  will not be listed on the spelling page.  The list
consists of the twelve months of the year,the seven days of the week and the
word vacation.
Sp: Days of the Week & Months + "vacation". Write words 2 times each (M+C).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Sp; Write words in 5 sentences/story.
Math: Fact Sheet

Wednesday, May 25,2016
Sp: Write words in ABC order(cursive).
Math:PB p. `127-128 + Fact sheet in 2 minutes
Read for 15 minutes everyday. 

Thursday, May 26 ,2016
Sp: Study for spelling test.
Math:PB p. 128-130

Friday, May 27,2016
8:15 Mass