Spelling Words

Unit 1:  sad       fix
         dig       was
         jam       want
         glad      been
         list      as
         win       his
         flat      sandwich
         if        picnic

Unit 2:  wet       plum
         job       said
         hug       of
         rest      does
         spot      get
         mud       got
         just      puddle
         help      helmet

Unit 3:  cake      pile
         mine      rake
         plate     give
         size      have
         ate       gave
         grape     bike
         prize     mistake
         wipe      guide

Unit 4:  these     mule
         nose      one
         use       love
         rose      come
         pole      home
         close     joke
         cute      wrote
         those     ice cube

Unit 5:  tap        cap            
         tape       cape              
         fin        slid
         fine       slide
         tub        hop
         tube       hope
         rob        scrap
         robe       scrape

        sad     wet     cake     these      tap      sandwich
        glad    job     mine     nose       tape     helmet
        win     mud     grape    rose       tub      guide
        if      plum    prize    mule       tube     wrote
        want    said    give     one        slid     scrape
        been    does    have     love       slide    

Unit 7:  next        skin
         spin        left
         clip        drag
         grade       glide
         swim        from
         plant       slip
         last        climb
         test        bruise

Unit 8:  doll        kiss
         full        mess
         dress       fell
         spell       spill
         add         will
         hill        off
         class       across
         pull        address

Unit 9:  dish        chase
         what        while
         than        catch
         chest       sure
         such        which
         thin        then
         push        whisper
         shine       thumb

Unit 10:  end         thump
          camp        hand
          thank       think
          sing        bring
          drink       jump
          hunt        went
          stand       young
          long        friend

Unit 11:  milk        desk
          neck        black
          ask         lake
          snake       trick
          truck       take
          kick        back
          smoke       pocket
          rock        whiskers

Unit 12: Review Unit
          spin     full     dish    camp    milk    climb
          swim     spell    thin    drink   neck    across
          plant    add      chase   hunt    smoke   whisper
          last     class    while   long    rock    friend
          left     mess     catch   hand    desk    pocket
          drag     spill    sure    bring   black

Unit 13:  pay       wait
          paint     cave  
          train     shake
          pail      whale
          clay      away 
          they      great
          stay      day
          raisin    birthday

Unit 14:  free      each
          clean     teeth
          please    sheep
          beach     wheel
          team      speak
          sneeze    people
          eat       read
          between   reason

Unit 15:  old       own
          most      soap
          float     hold
          both      know
          cold      do
          goes      toe
          so        grow
          swallow   ocean

Unit 16:  night     kind
          spy       child
          light     find
          right     high
          wild      July
          eye       buy
          by        why
          behind    lightning

Unit 17:  meet      meat
          week      weak
          road      rode
          tail      tale
          be        bee
          too       two
          to        see
          threw     through


          pay     train     whale     away     they
          great   each      clean     teeth    sheep
          beach   people    own       float    both
          know    do        goes      light    find
          high    July      eye       buy      meet
          meat    week      weak      too      two
          raisin  between   ocean     behind   threw

Unit 19:  days     bikes
          boxes    beaches
          wishes   dresses
          names    bells
          stamps   dishes
          grapes   children
          jets     frogs
          stitches fences

Unit 20:  cot      face
          goal     gym
          city     page
          plug     crash
          place    gone
          brag     nice
          goat     green
          circus   once

Unit 21:  tall     saw
          dog      draw
          call     fall
          soft     paw
          ball     yawn
          log      small
          all      walk
          awful    wallpaper

Unit 22:  boot     took
          new      moon
          blew     book
          soon     grew
          foot     room
          you      who
          look     good
          shampoo  balloon

Unit 23:  cow      house
          town     shout
          down     mouse
          found    loud
          brown    ground
          could    should
          out      now
          towel    pounce

Unit 24:  Review Unit
          boxes     cot     saw     book    town     fences
          beaches   face    draw    soon    shout    circus
          wishes    goal    call    grew    down     awful
          dresses   gym     fall    room    loud     balloon
          grapes    city    yawn    you     could    pounce
          children  page    log     who     should

Unit 25:  cannot       pancake
          maybe        baseball
          playground   someone
          myself       classroom
          sunshine     outside
          upon         nothing
          into         inside
          nobody       everywhere

Unit 26:  I'm          don't
          isn't        we've
          we'll        it's
          I've         didn't
          you're       you'll
          wasn't       can't
          us           them
          they're      wouldn't

Unit 27:  car          dark
          arm          star
          park         yard
          party        hard
          farm         start
          are          warm
          far          best
          sparkle      apartment

Unit 28:  horn         story
          fork         score
          store        corn
          morning      shore
          short        born
          door         four
          for          more
          report       force

Unit 29:  mother       father
          sister       brother
          water        after
          other        better
          over         never
          under        flower
          that         shop
          remember     feather

          pancake     baseball     playground
          classroom   sunshine     upon
          I'm         don't        isn't
          I've        wasn't       can't
          car         dark         arm
          star        are          warm
          horn        store        morning
          shore       door         four
          mother      water        after
          over        never        under
          everywhere  wouldn't     apartment
          report      remember    

Unit 31:  running     clapped
          stopped     hopping
          batted      telling
          pinned      hugging
          sitting     rubbed
          missed      pulled
          stayed      going
          wrapped     swelling

Unit 32:  liked       using
          riding      chased
          spilled     making
          closed      hoping
          baked       hiding
          named       packed
          showed      sleeping
          teasing     knocking

Unit 33:  happy       pretty
          baby        very
          puppy       funny
          carry       lucky
          only        every
          penny       cookie
          any         many
          sorry       noisy

Unit 34:  unhappy     retell
          unsafe      unkind
          repaint     refill
          unlike      remake
          unpack      reread
          unlock      rename
          feel        made
          rewrite     unused

Unit 35:  helpful     sadly
          hopeful     thankful
          slowly      wishful
          kindly      useful
          safely      painful
          mouthful    weakly
          jumped      saying
          quickly     wonderful


running    clapped    hopping
telling    sitting    rubbed
liked      spilled    making
closed     hoping     baked
happy      puppy      funny
lucky      every      cookie
unhappy    unsafe     repaint
unlike     remake     unpack
helpful    thankful   slowly
safely     painful    mouthful
wrapped    teasing    noisy
rewrite    quickly