December 2, 2016

Dear Parents,

The Kindergarten Christmas program is scheduled for Thursday, December 8th at 1:00 pm. The children will be wearing costumes, so they only need to wear their normal uniform to school that day. You may check your child out Please remember to study your child’s lines, if he/she has them. The children are really doing well with singing too.

Next Friday, December 9th, we will go to the Angel Shop with our 8th grade buddies, from 12:35-1:15pm. This is an opportunity for your child to shop for Christmas presents for family and friends. If you want your child to be able to purchase items, please send them to school with money, and a list of people to buy for. Your child’s buddy will help your child choose gifts, and keep to the list.


Wednesday December 7 – Dress down day for November virtue

Thursday, December 8 – Immaculate Conception Mass with 8th grade buddies 8:15am

Thursday, December 8 – Kindergarten Christmas Play 1pm, St Bernadette Center

Friday, December 9 – Mass with 8th grade buddies, Angel Shop shopping, Christmas party with buddies

Saturday, December 10 - Breakfast with Santa

Wednesday, December 14 – Class Christmas party

Thursday, December 15 – Parish Penance Service 7pm

Friday, December 16 – Mass with 8th grade buddies 815 am followed by 1st grade nativity, 11:40 Dismissal, beginning of Christmas break NO LEAP

December 16 - Jan. 2 - CHRISTMAS BREAK - NO SCHOOL

Monday, January 2, 2017 - NO SCHOOL - Professional Development Day for Teachers

Week of December 5 - December 9

Reading Highlights:

Lesson 14 – Big Book “Turtle Splash”, Teacher re-aloud “Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear”

Decodables “What Now”, “At Bat”

- introduce the concept of cause and effect, and begin to infer and predict what happens next, based on our previous and new knowledge of cause and effect (for example, I push something, it moves).

- begin to discuss and demonstrate reading with expression, identifying punctuation (period, exclamation point, question mark).

- introduce the concept of verbs in past tense (compared to present or future).

- Letterland lessons 33/34 Tt sound and shape, 81/82 Ff sound and shape, 83/84 blending with -ff, -tt

- make a list of words that start/end with the letter B

- continue blending phonemes (sounds) into words – c/a/b = cab, highlighting the middle (vowel) and ending sounds (consonant) (for example c/a/b vs c/u/b)

- continue segmenting sounds of words – for example, cat is c/a/t

- continue reviewing the 2nd quarter sight words, focusing on “are” and “now”.

Center Activities:

Teacher table – work on letter sounds and blending sounds to make CVC words, read decodable “At Bat”, and leveled readers, highlighting reading with expression (based on punctuation).

Writing – “[type of animal] lives in …. [A bear lives in the woods].

Word Study – identifying: words that start w B sound, middle (vowel) and ending (consonant) sounds

Reading – identify and make rhyming words (focusing on ending sounds), from a poem

Listening - listen to a Christmas story and draw favorite part of story


We will review comparing numbers 1-12 (greater than and less than), work on numbers 17 – 20, and 21-31, learning how they are groups of ten and more.


We will talk about how we are all able to choose God’s way, and we will learn about examples of people who chose to accept and share God’s love. Mary accepted God’s love by being the mother of Jesus, and St. Juan Diego accepted the task of sharing Mary with his Native American peoples in Mexico. We will attend Mass (with our buddies) celebrating the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8) and Our Lady of Guadelupe (Dec 12). The Immaculate Conception is the celebration of Mary’s pure conception as the intended mother of God from her own beginning. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadelupe is the celebration of Mary appearing to a poor native Mexican named Juan Diego in 1531. The lady spoke to him in his own language and sent him to ask the bishop of Mexico to build a chapel in the place where the lady appeared. This event reminds us that God accepts all people, rich and poor. Our Lady of Guadelupe is the patron saint of the Americas.

Thematic Unit:

We will discuss winter weather, and how and why animals store food, and those that hibernate based on the weather.

We have shown your child the correct way to hold the pencil, and how to slant the paper to make writing easier. We will learn t, f. Please remind your child to write the letters correctly whenever they write. They do an excellent job in handwriting, but then forget to write letters correctly when writing at other times.

Star Student:

Our Star Student this week will be Daniel. When it is your child’s turn, please have them complete the poster, and send in 2-3 photos and 1-2 objects that your child likes. Please have your child explain to you why he/she likes those photos and items, so they can tell the class.

As a reminder, please send a snack with your child every day including early dismissal days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

God bless,
Mrs Lynch and Mrs Moore