Scholarship Search Websites

The following is a list a website links that will take you to websites where you can search for scholarships:  

(Also, remember to check the homepage of the college(s) where you are interested in attending and put "merit scholarships for freshmen" in the search bar on the page.  This will take you to the merit scholarships page at the college where you are planning to attend.)

PGHS is simply listing and does not endorse these sites.  These are provided as a resource to be used at your discretion.

Fast Web Scholarship Search - Recommended by Colleges and Universities

College Foundation of NC's Scholarship Page - For students who live in NC.

The North Carolina State Educational Assistance Authority - is a great place for NC students to start their search for $$.

The College Board Website also has a place for you to search scholarships.

CollegeXpress:Scholarships is another free scholarship search website.

Try College Funds for another search site or for another.

Both College Scholarships (com) and College Scholarships (org) offers free $$ search.

Let Mach 25 help you break the tuition barrier.

Sallie Mae not only helps you learn about loans but also has a scholarship search section.

Peterson's is known for its test prep programs, but they also have a scholarship search site.

Good Call is another popular scholarship search engine among students and universities.

Who better to help you figure out the money game than "scholarship experts?"

Some of the more obscure and coveted scholarships and grants can be found at "Nationally Coveted Scholarships."

The Super College website is one more search website you may utilize.