PGHS High School Profile


High School Profile

CEEB Code: 340799

Providence Grove High School

5555 Mack Lineberry Rd.

Climax, NC 27233

Phone#: (336) 685-0728, FAX#: (336) 685-5771


Location:  Situated in the geographic center of North Carolina, one of Randolph County’s newer high schools, Providence Grove serves the communities of Grays Chapel, Liberty, and Level Cross.  Providence Grove is a rural, public, consolidated high school serving grades nine through twelve.  It opened in August 2008 to relieve overcrowding at Eastern Randolph High School and Randleman High School.  The school is on a block schedule with students taking four courses in the fall and four different courses in the spring.  Students are in class for 90 minutes per block.  The school is located sixteen miles southeast of Greensboro.


Principal:  Dr. Bradford Walston


Mrs. Kimberly P. Hall (      Counselor for students with last name A-J

Mrs. Jane Porter (             Counselor for students with last names K-Z


Current School Enrollment:  829 

# Seniors:                              175                                                         Athletic Teams:

# Juniors:                               216                                                         Varsity & JV Football (M)

# Sophomores:                     212                                                         Varsity & JV Baseball (M)

# Freshmen:                          226                                                        Varsity & JV Basketball (M & W)

                                                                                                                Varsity & JV Cheerleading (W)

Grading System:                                                                                Varsity & JV Softball (W)

A= 93-100 (4.0)                                                                                   Volleyball (W)

B= 85-92 (3.0)                                                                                      Soccer (M & W)

C= 77-84 (2.0)                                                                                      Golf (M & W)

D= 70-76 (1.0)                                                                                      Cross Country (M & W)

F= Below 70 (0.0)                                                                                Track (M & W)

WF = No credit (0.0)                                                                            Wrestling (M)

P= Pass (Not included in GPA)                                                          Tennis (M & W)

Honors= +1 GPA point                                                                       Swimming (M & W)

AP = +2 GPA points                                                                           

Class rank is weighted and is calculated beginning with the 9th grade.

SAT Average1424,   ACT Average:  18.8 (with 100% of the students taking it).                                          


AP Courses:

Biology (YEAR), Calculus AB (YEAR), Calculus BC (Semester), Chemistry (YEAR), Environmental Science (Semester), English Language (Semester), English Literature (Year), French (Semester), Physics, Psychology (Semester), Studio Art (Semester), and US History (YEAR).  We also have several seniors taking AP courses through NCVPS including:  Computer Science, European History, Psychology, Human Geography.


Honors Courses:

English I, II, III, and IV, French III & IV, Spanish III & IV, Geometry, Algebra II, Discrete Math, Pre-Calculus,  Statistics, Fifth Year Math  (1st half of AP Calculus AB), Earth/Environmental, Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Biology II (1st half of AP Biology), Chemistry II (1st half of AP Chemistry), Physics, Civics, World History, Intro. To AP US (1st half of AP US History), US History,  US Studies, various Cultural Arts and  CTE Courses.


We also offer college credits through Randolph Community College through the College and Career Promise program.  These classes are awarded college credit and honors high school credit.