Senior Planning Calendar


College planning calendar

Class of 2017


Fall Semester

· Maintaining your grades during your senior year is important!


· Make sure you're challenging yourself academically.
Colleges will consider how difficult your courses are your senior year.


· Now is the time to really focus your career and college research.


· As you research education and career options, share your discoveries with your family.
You'll be working together over the next couple of years as you leave high school and enter college.


· Stay involved in school and community activities.



· Start files on your college admissions information.

· Register for SAT tests if needed

· Register for the ACT test if needed

· Read the Senior Connection for September.

· Update your resume.


· Update your CFNC planner (know your username and passwords)

· Write, edit, proofread, and rewrite your admissions essays (if needed)

· Ask teachers, counselors, coaches and employers to write letters of recommendation. Give two weeks’ notice that you need a letter of recommendation. Provide them with a resume.

· Narrow your list of college to 3 to 5 schools (a dream school, a safety school and others in between)

· Begin submitting applications to the college/universities of your choice.

· Parents to attend College 101 workshop on September 29th at 6:30 till 7:30



· NEW FAFSA info. Applications can be made on OCT 1 use the 2015 tax forms

· FAFSA website

· Attend PGHS’s College Day on October 24th (parents are invited)

· Register your and your parents email address at to get email and other mailings. about scholarships and college information. In the subject line put senior parent or senior.


· Take the SAT if registered.

· Registrar for the November SAT if needed.

· Attend Parent Workshop on October 27th entitled “Understanding the New FAFSA”

· Make the best grades you possible can in all of your courses.


· Schedule tours of the college if possible. College visits are with your parents or other significant adult.


· Submit your applications for admission to the colleges of your choice.


· Parent Meeting November 17th “Finding Scholarships”

· Register for the December ACT and or SAT if desired.

· College Application Week is November 14-18. Many private colleges have free applications this week. Some public schools have free applications too! Take advantage of this opportunity.

· Submit your applications!



· Register for the January SAT.

· Take the December SAT if registered.

· Take the December ACT if registered.

· Submit your applications!



· Senior Parent Meeting about Financial Aid (FAFSA)

· Take the January SAT if you are registered.

· Register for the February ACT if needed

· Submit your applications!

· Begin applying for scholarships.



· Register for the March if needed.

· Take the February ACT if you are registered.

· Submit applications

· Check with the college or university to make sure they have all the paperwork that is needed.

· Apply for scholarships.



· Take the March SAT if you are registered.

· Register for the April ACT.

· Check to make sure you have all paperwork submitted to the financial aid offices of the colleges you are applying to. If you are selected for “verification” you must complete all of the requested paperwork before you receive your award letter.

· Apply for scholarships.

· Report FAFSA and scholarship info to guidance



· Apply for scholarships.

· Report FAFSA and scholarship info to guidance.

· Prepare for AP exams if you plan on taking them in May.



· If you have paid a deposit to a college and don’t plan to attend then you request the money to be refunded

On or before May 1 for a full refund

· Make sure you send in your housing deposits by May 1st or you might not have housing for college.

· Apply for scholarships.

· Report FAFSA and scholarship info to guidance.

· If you receive any scholarship make sure you send thank you notes to the sponsors.


ACT registration at

SAT registration at

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is located at

Scholarship Search Engines

Providence Grove High School - Student Services

Office Phone 336-685-0728

Web page: