Earth's Magnetic Field's%20Magnnetic%20Field

More about the Earth's Magnetic Field

White House for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

Fun activities - by girls....for girls.

Museum of Automatons

Discovery Education Homework Help

Homework Spot

Scholastic's Homework Hub

Kid's Games

Favorite 4th Grade Books

Thematic Listing of Books

For teachers and parents: Teaching in the 21rst Century

Fun science!

Cool information about dinosaurs

Links to all kinds of interesting information

Neat online drawing tools

Help with homework!

Word games and puzzles

Make puzzles with pentominoes just like Calder Pillay

Secrets of Lost Empires, learn about Egyptian, Roman, and 
Medieval weapons 
and architecture

Poems written by kids--submit your own

Strange, out of place and unknown animals--wacky!

Interactive Space Exploration

More Interactive Space Exploration

Scholastic: The Zone Warning!!|1&CurrPage=scholasticNews.jsp&TopicValue=Scholastic%20News

This site has all kinds of interesting information

Learn about animals and their habitats

Map shows where is night and day at this moment

Explore the ocean

Math Baseball

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Sudoku and logic problems

Funbrain Sudoku

Dictionary for Kids

Class textbook on-line offerings (including cool games!)

"I Am Poem" link.

FEMA information about tornadoes 

NOAA information about tornadoes.

Storytown Resources

Word Dynamo--Weekly Spelling Word Lists and Games 

On-line dictionary

Another kid friendly on-line dictionary

On-line math interactive dictionary for kids.

On-line dictionary, thesaurus, and games for "younger humanoids".

On-line dictionary and grammar tips.

Number one source for on-line research!

Google Docs Account

On-line math textbook activities, virtual manipulatives, vocabulary...

Website to find out about books, identify books you want to read, identify 
books you have read and write a short review, share recommendations for books 
with friends in 4th and 5th grade.

Go to this on-line site to find out about things you have always wondered 
about... or submit your own questions. This site is way cool with videos and 
other links to expand your learning.

Excellent test taking strategies--I have clicked on to grade 3 instead of 4 
so that you concentrate on the strategy more than the skill.
Test Taking Strategies

Link to sign up and work on, on-line assessments and practice 
for SMCS students.

Watch this and other videos to help remember the steps for the box division 
Box Division Method