Welcome to
Sanford Creek Elementary's
Music Page

2016-2017 School Year

Welcome to Sanford Creek Music Webpage! I will be updating this page periodically to allow parents to know what their child is learning in their music class. 

Kindergarten are learning about BoomWhackers and making music with them.

First Graders are singing songs which teach high/low, loud/soft, and fast/slow.

Second Graders are working on learning songs and games from around the world.

Third Graders are learning to play the recorder! Parent performance dates are:
   Trutt    May18
   Cooper May 17
   Daughtery May 5
   Fleming May 19
   Rollinson May 23

Fourth Graders are being introduced to Bucket Band Rhythms and playing.

Fifth Graders are learning about the genres within American Popular Music.