Internet Policy

Technology is used to support teaching and learning. Networks, including the Internet, allow people to communicate with others through the use of technology.

It is the policy of the Enderlin Public Schools that all technology used to access the network will be used in a responsible, legal, and ethical manner. Failure to do so will result in the termination of network privileges for the user.

Remember,the use of the network is a privilege, not an entitlement. Since network communication is often public students and staff are responsible for behaving appropriately on the network, as they are in school. The network is provided for students and faculty to conduct research and communicate with others concerning schoolwork.

Individual users of the network are responsible for their use of the network. The use of the network must be in support of education and research and must be consistent with the academic actions of the Enderlin Public Schools and will be under the supervision of the Enderlin Public School staff. Use of other organizations' networks or computing resources must comply with the rules appropriate for that network. Use of the network for any illegal or commercial activities is prohibited.

A responsible network user will:

1. Use language that is considered appropriate.

2. Be polite.

3. Send information that other users will not find offensive.

4. Conform with copyright laws.

5. Never reveal personal information about any user such as address, telephone number, credit card numbers, social security number, etc.

6. Neither tamper with the system nor alter, delete, or destroy any files or data that is not yours.

7. Use the network in ways that will not disrupt the use of the Internet by other users. (i.e. downloading huge files during prime time, sending mass e-mail messages, etc.)

8. Post or forward other's personal communication only with original author's consent.

End of Policy FHCN.............................................................................................. Adopted: 10/19/98