Armor (Supply List)

**Most supplies will be used as community supplies.  Only put names on the supplies marked with **
1 box of crayons (24-36 count)
36  #2 YELLOW wooden pencils (The fancy ones do not sharpen well!)
2 large pink erasers or pencil top erasers
1 standard/metric ruler (Keep at home for homework)
**1 pair Fiskar scissors 
1 - 4oz. bottle of Elmers glue (Keep at home for projects)
  3 large boxes of facial tissue
1 small school box for small articles (Do not need)
**5 folders with 2 pockets (red, blue, purple, green, yellow)
150 count loose leaf wide lined notebook paper
**1 box of 12 colored pencils
4 Glue Sticks (More are always needed)
**4 spiral notebooks (red, blue, green, & yellow)
3 red correction pens (Do not need)
4 dry erase markers
1 yellow highlighter
Disinfecting Wipes

**1 large book bag or backpack