Technology & Smart Board Sites

Here are some of my favorite technology and SMARTboard sites (randomly 

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LiveBinderTechnology Tools For Teachers

Crickweb Interactive Activities: All Subject Areas

K-3 Great Sites for Using the SMART BOARD

Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way

ICT MAth Games for Interactive White Boards

SMARTer Math

Lesson Ideas

National Library for Virtual Manipulatives

Pattern Blocks:  Exploring Fractions with Shapes

TopMarks Interactive Resource

Math Slice

Fun Brain

National Geographic Geographic Games

iknowthat: Activities by Grade Level

brainpopjr.: Activities Across the Curriculum

Fact Monster:  Information on the World, Sports, Science, and More!

One of My FAVORITES:  Internet4Classrooms

Ca$h Out: Discovering Coin Values

Coin Madness

Graphic Organizers

Engaging Learners the SMART BOARD Way!

Thousands of FREE Presentations in Power Point format

Create a Graph


Instructional Technology:  Click on SMART BOARDS

apples4theteacher: A Primary Website

Great K-3 SMARTboard Sites

GREAT site on Life Cycles!

Henry the Hand:  Handwashing

Christmas Around the World Web Hunt

WOW!  Portaportal 3rd Grade Jackpot!

Another Portaportal 3rd Grade Treasure

Everyday SMARTboard Lessons

SMART Board Exchange Lessons w/ State Standards

Lee Summit Smartboard Exchange

Learning Posters and a Little of Everything Else

Modern Chalkboard


Other Resources