NAME: Mrs. Coffin

SCHOOL: Grant Elementary

CLASS: Third Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 402-644-2544


Hello!  My name is Lori Coffin.  I am a Norfolk Native and proud to say 
that I received my entire K-12 education right here in "Panther Land"!  
After living and teaching in Iowa and Oklahoma, I am thrilled to return to 
my hometown and be giving back to the district and community that raised me 
and taught me that all should have the opportunity to "polish" their 
strengths and rise above their weaknesses!

This will be my 18th year teaching.  I taught third grade in Onawa,Iowa; 
first grade and transitional first grade in Grove, Oklahoma; third grade 
at Northern Hills Elementary until it closed and now the 2016 - 2017 
school year will mark my seventh year teaching third grade at Grant 
Elementary School! 

"Learning isn't easy! Let's embrace the struggle together and grow!"

My goal each school year is to have every child walk out of my castle 
themed classroom in May feeling successful, confident, and excited to 
continue learning in a 21st Century society!  Therefore, each child in my 
classroom will be challenged to work consistently at their potential and 
risk going beyond to achieve greater success!  In order to achieve this, I 
believe in the need to instill pride and grit in tomorrow's leaders.  With 
a sense of self worth and respect, children will learn, and thus succeed!

I believe a successful teacher is one who incorporates her students' 
personal strengths and interests into all areas of learning.  I also 
believe in an old Chinese proverb that states, "I hear, and I forget.  I 
see, and I remember.  I DO, AND I UNDERSTAND!"  The more children are 
actively involved in learning, the more interest, understanding, and 
retention will take place!