Internet Safety Unit Test


Directions: Choose the best answer for each.

  • 1) You get an email from a person who says he or she is an old friend
    of your parents. You are asked for your home phone number so they
    can get in contact again. What should you do?

  • 2) The best way to remember your password is

  • 3) When you get an email from an advertiser, you should not click on
    the "take me off your mailing list" or "unsubscribe" links because

  • 4) If someone you meet online asks you to send a picture of yourself,
    you should

  • 5) An example of indirect information is

  • 6) Advertisers use email to push their products. Any time you receive
    this without asking for it, it is called

  • 7) Examples of inappropriate web sites are

  • 8) If you accidentally get into an inappropriate place while online
    and the web site will not let you exit, you should

  • 9) When you accidentally access an inappropriate web site but windows
    keep popping up on the screen and you cannot exit, it is called

  • 10) If a web site asks you to enter personal information such as name,
    age, and email address you should

  • 11) A typical password is how many characters long?

  • 12) Your friend met a boy online and is planning to meet him at the
    park on Saturday afternoon. What should you do?

  • 13) You are signing up for an online game account. A safe screen
    name would be

  • 14) Web sites that are inappropriate and should be avoided are

  • 15) Flame mail or text is a message designed to

  • 16) A cyberbully is someone who

  • 17) If you meet a person online who says he or she is 15, you know that

  • 18) An example of information you can give out online is

  • 19) Netiquette means

  • 20) Hate mail or text is a message that shows

  • 21) If you continue to receive emails or messages from someone you don't know, you should

  • 22) If you are online and someone sends you an angry or threatening
    message, you should

  • 23) A bully wants

  • 24) The first thing to do when a cyberbully acts out is to

  • 25) Bullying is a criminal act for anyone over the age of

  • 26) A ___________ is a program that spreads when people download infected files or

  • 27) ___________ spread through computer networks and pass from machine
    to machine.

  • 28) A ___________ claims to do one thing, but actually does something
    else, such as downloading a virus.

  • 29) Never open an email attachment with the following file suffixes:

  • 30) An online predator most often looks for victims

  • 31) The process that a predator goes through to gain a victim's trust
    is called

  • 32) A predator may try to gain your trust by

  • 33) After talking with a victim for a period of time, the predator's next step is

  • 34) A predator builds an online relationship with the victim and then

  • 35) An online predator will lie to gain the victim's trust by saying

  • 36) The goal of every online predator is to

  • 37) Which of the following is a safe screen name?

  • 38) To stay safe online, it is important to

  • 39) Giving out school game scores, team mascots, or talking about a
    recent concert while online are all examples of

  • 40) If you receive an inappropriate message or picture online, you
    should first

  • 41) An example of intellectual property is

  • 42) The difference between physical property and intellectual property

  • 43) If something is copyrighted, the creator or owner has

  • 44) The Internet makes intellectual property

  • 45) If you cut and paste another person's work from the Internet and
    pretend the work is your own, it is called

  • 46) ___________ is the term used when music, movies, or software
    programs are copied illegally.

  • 47) If a student is caught copying someone else's work from the
    Internet and using it as his or her own work, the student could

  • 48) If you buy music and copy the songs to your iPod, you are

  • 49) If a friend of yours wants to make a copy of your music, you

  • 50) Copying and distributing (or giving away) music, movies, or
    software is