Athletics Announcements

Friday August 29, 2014

Grade 9 Physical Education - Beginning September 16th, Grade 9 homerooms will travel to Rotary Park on Thorburn Road as part of the requirements for Physical Education. Instructors employed by the City of St. John's teach students archery, orienteering, and canoeing skills. Information and permission forms will go home on September 9th. For more information please email

Coaching - Parents and other volunteers interested in coaching at St. Paul's are asked to email All volunteers must submit to police screening which is free to volunteers.

2014 Most Spirited Player Awards

Jr Boys Soccer – JACOB DYER

Sr Boys Soccer – SAM MAHON

Grade 7 Girls Soccer – ABBY BARRETT

Grade 9 Girls Soccer JAMIE KING

Grade 8Boys Volleyball – CHRIS PEACOCK

Grade 9Boys Volleyball – JOSH ANSTEY

Grade 7 Girls Volleyball – MICOLE PORMENTO

Grade 8 Girls Volleyball – HANNAH MURPHY

Grade 9 Girls Volleyball – NORA BOONE

Grade 7 Girls Basketball – ERIN LEE

Grade 8 Girls Basketball – SHAUNA FOLEY

Grade 9 Girls Basketball – JENNA HATCHER

Grade 7 Boys Basketball – MATTHEW ROOME

Grade 8 Boys Basketball – DANIEL STEVENSON

Grade 9 Boys Basketball – KYLE COMERFORD







2014 Athlete of the Year Awards

Junior Male
- Jacob Grant & Liam Chislett

Junior Female - Adriana Caines

Senior Male - Paul Andersen

Senior Female - Julia Hudson

Viper Award - Jenna Hatcher




Reminders to Parents/Guardians of Student Athletes:

  • Involvement with any school team is voluntary and user-pay. Please remember that our coaches are volunteers and that fees associated with involvement are paid on time so that the team may participate in planned events. Please note, at St. Paul’s we ensure that if a child is selected to a team that the cost of involvement does not prohibit any student from being involved. If you have any concerns please contact the coach or Mr. Smith

  • As per NLESD policy, school doors are to remain locked at all times. Therefore please remember that doors will not be left open nor will coaches leave something in the door for students arriving late to practices. There is a buzzer located outside that will ring in the gym alerting someone of your arrival

  • Once practices are over, students must be picked up immediately

  • Parents/guardians and other spectators are reminded that at St. Paul’s we appreciate the time our coaches have volunteered and hope that you will show up to show positive support when teams enter competition. Although not always understood or agreed upon by spectators, our coaches always make their decisions in the best interest of the team. We encourage the parents/guardians of all student athletes to review the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct at

  • Softball players are reminded to return their jerseys.


  • Congratulations to the track club on claiming the banner over the weekend. Participants are asked to meet in the lobby on Wednesday morning prior to homeroom to sign the banner.
  • Individual results are as follows:
100m girls:
2. Allison Jeon
3. Anna Malone

100m boys:
2. Peter Moore

200m girls:
2. Annika Bieger

200m boys:
2. Peter Moore

300m girls:
3.Jamie King

300m boys:
3. Liam Chislett

800m girls:
2. Jamie King

1200m girls:
2. Nora Boone
3. Claire Nash

1200m boys:
1. Paul Andersen

2000m girls:
3. Annika Bieger

Long jump girls:
1. Asha Kennedy ** provincial age record***

High jump girls:
1. Asha Kennedy
3. Anna Malone

High jump boys:
1. Peter Moore
2. Paul Andersen

Shotput girls:
2. Julia Hudson

Shotput boys:
3. Chris Peacock


  • Congratulations to the baseball team on winning the St. John's Minor Baseball Junior High Championship over the weekend.


  • Congratulations to the grade 7 boys basketball team on winning the Brother Rice Invitational over the weekend




  • Congratulations to the St. Paul’s Ultimate team on winning the junior high championship this weekend. Special thanks and congratulations to Ms. Beattie and Ms. Webb for the time they put into the teams.


**Reminder that practices and tryouts are for students and coaches only. Students should be dropped off early and rides arranged immediately following the conclusion

Coaching News

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