Cross Country Running


September 29:

St. Paul's athletes had another great showing at the cross country races on Saturday. The grade 7 girls and grade 8/9 boys won the team competitions.

Individual results as follows:

Grade 7 girls:
2. Abby Pace
4. Hayley Peters
13. Brynn Furlong
19. Annika Healey

Grade 8/9 girls:
8. Jennifer Kelly
15. Isabel Martin
28. Chloe Vaillancourt

Grade 7 boys:
4. Jeffery Hayward
5. Ben Chislett

Grade 8/9 boys:
4. Liam Chislett
6. Michael Burt
7. Mark Ford
9. Mark White
13. Matthew Burt
14. David Rowe

September 22:

St. Paul's came first overall in the boys grade 7 and grade 8/9 divisions on Saturday. Individual results as follows:

Grade 7 boys:
3. Aaron Budgell
6. Ben Chislett
7. Jeffery Hayward
12. Aiden Thomas
22. Spenser Hewitt

Grade 8/9 boys:
5. Liam Chislett
6. Ben Pike
8. Mark Ford
11. Mark White

Grade 7 girls:
2. Hayley Peters
11. Annika Healey

Grade 8/9 girls:
10. Jennifer Kelly
12. Isabel Martin
19. Katrina Lynn Picco


  • St. Paul's were well represented at the cross country race on Saturday October 5th

Girls Grade 7
Bronze- Jennifer Kelly
Boys Grade 7
Bronze- Michael Burt
Jatce O'Tegan – 5th
Girls Grade 8 and 9
Asha Kennedy- 7th
Boys Grade 8 and 9
Liam Chislett -5th

  • Congratulations to Jacob Grant (5th) and Liam Chislett (6th) on their placing at the race on September 28th.

  • Congratulations to all students that took part in the race on Saturday September 21st. The following students placed in the top 5:
Grade 7 Girls:
Jennifer Kelly 4th

Grade 7 Boys:
Michael Burt 1st
Devon Tobin 2nd
Harley Dollimont 5th

Grade 8 Boys:
Liam Chislett 5th


Julia Howley had two first place finishes in the girls 2115 m for grade eight and nine girls in the cross-country series running event that was held in September and October of 2010.