2014 - 2015

Monday May 25
  • Congratulations to the St. Paul’s Track Club on winning both the girls and boys Provincial track banners this past weekend
  • Individual medalists were:
Catherine Guzzwell - bronze longjump

Abby Pace - bronze 1200m


Ben Pike - gold highjump

Alex Sparrow - silver highjump
iam Chislett - silver 300m
Evan Reid - silver shotput

Seamus Donahue - bronze shotput

Liam Chislett - bronze 800m

Alex Sparrow - bronze 100m

Mark Ford - bronze 200m

Monday April 20

St. Paul's won the girls and boys junior high banners at the indoor track meet on Saturday April 18.
Individual results:

Girls Long Jump
1. Allison Jeon
2. Abby Pace
3.Catherine Guzzwell

Girls 60m
2. Allison Jeon

Girls 200m
4. Abby Pace

Girls 800m
5. Isabel Martin

Boys Long jump
1. Max Breen
2. Ben Pike

Boys 60m
2. Ben Pike
3. Alex Sparrow
4. Mark Ford
7. Aiden Thomas
9. Luke Breen

Boys 200m
2.Alex Sparrow
3. Max Breen
4. Mark Ford
7. Luke Breen

Boys 800m
3. Jeffrey Hayward

Boys 1200m
8. Jeffrey Hayward

2013 - 2014

  • Congratulations to the track club on claiming the outdoor banner in early June. Individual results are as follows:
100m girls:
2. Allison Jeon
3. Anna Malone

100m boys:
2. Peter Moore

200m girls:
2. Annika Bieger

200m boys:
2. Peter Moore

300m girls:
3.Jamie King

300m boys:
3. Liam Chislett

800m girls:
2. Jamie King

1200m girls:
2. Nora Boone
3. Claire Nash

1200m boys:
1. Paul Andersen

2000m girls:
3. Annika Bieger

Long jump girls:
1. Asha Kennedy ** provincial age record***

High jump girls:
1. Asha Kennedy
3. Anna Malone

High jump boys:
1. Peter Moore
2. Paul Andersen

Shotput girls:
2. Julia Hudson

Shotput boys:
3. Chris Peacock

Monday April 7

St. Paul's track team won both the girls' and boys' track banners at the field house on Saturday. Congratulations to all participants!

2011 - 2012

Monday June 5

St. Paul's won the Provincial girls outdoor track and field banner by defeating 8 other schools, while the boys team placed 4th! Members of the girls team include: Elissa Bieger, Rachel Malone, Megan Barrington, Molly Boddie, Nora Boone, Zoe Breen, Caroline Hickman, Asha Kennedy, Drew McDermott, Olivia Moores, Rachel Noel, Katherine Peacock, Katie Pike.

Monday April 30

Congratulations to all members of the St. Paul's Track team who captured both the boys and girls overall banners at the indoor track championships over the weekend. The team now have their sights set on the Provincial Junior High Championships scheduled for Saturday June 2nd.

Boys' results:


2. Austin Hodder

3. Brent Williams

5.Zack Webb

7.David Noftall

8.Ben Hynes

9.Philip Remillard

11.Matthew Babb

12.Victor Conway

13.Nick Mackey



2.Austin Hodder

6.Zack Webb

8.David Robinson

9.Philip Remillard



4.Adam Murphy


Long Jump

1.David Noftall

2.Adam Murphy

3.Brent Williams

5.Ben Hynes

6.Nick Mackey

7.David Robinson

8.Matthew Babb


Boys relays

1 and 2


Girls Results


3.Katie Pike

4.Annika Beiger

6.Drew McDermott

7.Olivia Moores

8.Anna Malone

10.Molly Boddie

11.Abby Ledrew

13.Collen Bonia



3.Katie Pike

4.Zoe Breen

5.Laura Snow

9.Collen Bonia

10.Abby Ledrew



2.Rachel Malone

3.Laura Snow

4.Ellisa Beiger


Long jump

1.Annika Beiger

2.Rachel Malone

3.Ellisa Beiger

4.Zoe Breen

5.Anna Malone

6.Molly Boddie

7.Olivia Moores


Girls Relays

1 and 2

All the students contributed to winning the banners!!

Monday March 12, 2012

Congratulations to Rachel Malone and Adam Murphy for their accomplishments in the invitational track meet held at the Mun Field House on Saturday March 10. Rachel came in first place in the 800m while Adam placed first in the 800m and third in the 200m.


Sunday June 5, 2011

Congratulations to the students who participated in the Provincial track meet on today. The boys placed second overall out of 9 schools and the girls' team placed third out of 9 teams. Well done!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

St. Paul's won 1st. place for both boys and girls at the Provincial Indoor Track Meet over the weekend. The coaches would also like to point out how proud they are of how each athlete conducted themselves.

The following students participated;
Molly Boddie
Katie Pike
Zoe Breen
Drew Mcdermott
Megan Barrington
Olivia Moores
David Drover
Emma Boddie
Laura Fry
Maria Mackey
Zack Martin
Hannah Boone
Rachel Malone
Julia Howley
Johnathan Anstey
Monica Clarke
Alison Poynter
Nick Pike
Christian Goodridge
Fiona Landells
Caroline Hickman

Monday, February 14, 2011 (The following was provided by Coaches Stender and Daley)

St. Paul's Track Club took part in the first indoor track meet of the season at the MUN field house on February 12th. The Club was well represented and individual results are as follows:
  • Julia Howley was first in the 1200m
  • Katie Pike was first in the 60m and third in the 200m
  • Liam Hotton was second in the 200m
  • Laura Snow placed third in the 600m and fifth in the 2000
  • Zoe Breen was fourth in both the 200m and 600m
  • Molly Boddie and Olivia Moores tied for seventh position in the 60m
 The next indoor meet will be held at the MUN field house on March 19th and anyone interested is welcome to join us.