NH Animal Projects

-one website...from links below
-one encyclopedia from BES library
-one non-fiction text from either classroom library or BES library

-how it moves
-physical characteristics
-prey or food
-other threats to its existence
-landform research
-other interesting facts


Animals are listed in alphabetical order
NH Public TV

Wildlife fact sheets...just NH animals
NH Fish & Game

At the top of the page, click on the letter that your animal name begins with.
Enchanted Learning

Not just NH animals so you will have to search
National Geographic for Kids

Check out the list under "North America"
Especies Fact Sheets

Sheppard Software...grouped by animal classes
A-Z List of Animals

Not a lot of animals are listed on this site, but info is good
Animal Facts (basic)

First click on the appropriate class, then search alphabetically
Wild Animals A to Z

Click on the pdf under the animal's name
World Animal Foundation

North American animals
National Zoo

NH Wildlife Journal

username: barrington08
password: 03825
Britannica Online

San Diego Zoo

NH Habitats

List of NH Animals

Mentor Texts:

(Mrs. Halla has one copy of each)
Smithsonian Institution: 
-Otter on his Own by Doe Boyle
-Dolphins First Day
-Humpback Goes North by Darice Bailer

Set from Mrs. Deely
Smithsonian's Backyard...various animals