National PTA

Barka PTA is a part of the NH PTA.
New Hampshire PTA

Collecting boxtops for Barka makes a difference! You can join their 
site too and register Barka as your school.  Find out even more 
ways you can save and what products you can find boxtops on. We get 
almost $2,500 a year on box tops submissions! 
Box Tops for Education

Does your child have a school project due and need to do research?  
Using your library card, you can do a search for books from your 
home computer and request them.  The library will call/email you 
when the books are picked andavailable for you to get at the front 
Derry Public Library

Visit the Dept. of Energy's student site to learn how to do a Home 
Energy Checkup!
U.S. Department of Energy

Compare your eating habits to recommended foods for a healthy you!
Food and Nutrition