1. After you have drawn from the basket to find out which of the seven New 
Hampshire regions you will be promoting, gather with your teammates and 
decide on which roles each of you will assume in your task: Geographer,  
Tour Guide, Economist, or Fact Finder. 

2. Visit the link which defines the requirements of your role. You can reach 
the links to the roles by clicking on the title of your role at the top of 
this page or from the homepage of this WebQuest.

3. Visit the "How to Make a Brochure in Microsoft Word" website. Read the 
directions on how to create a tri-fold brochure.

4. Begin exploring the links listed under your role. Research information 
that you need to include in your group's travel brochure.

5. Each region's travel brochure needs to include the following:
     Cover: Title of your region, picture of region
     Inside Page: Geographer's Section
     Inside Middle Page: Tour Guide Section
     Inside Left Page: Economist Section
     Back Right Page: Fact Finder Section
     Back Middle: A map of region, Group members names on bottom of section

6. Use the template created in Microsoft Word to create your brochure.

7. Print out a copy of the evaluation rubric. Together with your group 
members, rate your group's performance on this project. This is the last 
chance to make any changes to your brochure before turning it in. Staple a 
copy of your self-evaluation to the back of the final copy of your brochure.

8. Complete one of the suggestions in the Conclusion section of this