Regions of New Hampshire WebQuest

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Congratulations!  Your expertise on the seven regions of New Hampshire has 
paid off. Thanks to your hard work, the tourist dollars are pouring in; road 
repairs are being made, new jobs are being created, the airport is being 
expanded, new schools are being built. You did a great job of informing 
perspective visitors about the many things New Hampshire has to offer!

Here are some fun ideas to add to your presentation:
1. You can write a television commercial and act it out to promote the 
region you researched.
2. You can write a poem about New Hampshire and recite it.
3.You can compare and contrast the various regions of New Hampshire.
4. You can create a poster or a set of postcards that illustrates what you 
have learned about the regions.
5. You can create a slideshow on KidPix or PowerPoint highlighting your 
favorite things about the regions of New Hampshire.
6. You can write a persuasive letter to one of the other group members and 
convince them that the region you promoted is the best region in New 
Hampshire to visit.
7. You can create a topography map of New Hampshire depicting the major 
physical features of the state.

How does New Hampshire compare to other states? Research another state as a 
possible tourist destination.

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