Units of Study – June


Reading -      Readers read a variety of texts with fluency and expression to understand stories and characters

Writing -        Making plans for writing projects


Grade 1

Reading -      Readers make plans for their reading lives

Writing -        Making plans for writing projects reflections

Grade 2

Reading -      Readers become experts about series they love by looking closely at character relationships/reading project

Writing -        Fairy tales. Making plans for writing projects


Grade 3

Reading -      Poetry/Independent reading projects

Writing -        Writing poetry

Grade 4

Reading -      Reading projects building a reading life

Writing -        Independent projects or poetry

Grade 5

Reading -      Historical Fiction Book Clubs/Poetry/Independent Reading Projects

Writing -        Historical Fiction/Poetry/Independent projects


Grade 6

Reading -      Book Clubs/Social Issues. Summer reading plans

Writing -        Poetry/Independent reading projects


Grade 7

Reading -      Author studies to independent projects/Launching a summer of reading

Writing -        Independent writing projects/Launching a summer of writing