Units of Study – April


Reading -      Putting it all together. Readers can figure out words and talk about a text with partners

Writing -        Poetry


Grade 1

Reading -      Readers read with fluency and phrasing using poetry and other text

Writing -        Poetry

Grade 2

Reading -      Readers listen to the song of the text: Reading with fluency, phrasing, and the sounds of stories and poems

Writing -        Poetry with attention to language


Grade 3

Reading -      A Reader’s Workshop to test readiness

Writing -        Explanatory Writing

Grade 4

Reading -      Reading for answers/short text with continued book clubs (choice)

Writing -        Writing to a prompt (Narrative Essay)

Grade 5

Reading -      Research/Test Prep

Writing -        Research/Test Prep


Grade 6

Reading -      Test Prep

Writing -        Writing Prompted Essays for State Assessment


Grade 7

Reading -      Test Prep

Writing -        Writing Prompted Essays (NJASK)