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Quake Rattle and Roll

It is your responsibility, as members of the National Disaster Taskforce for 
the Quakeville News Team, to help the community of Quakeville understand 
earthquakes and how to be safe in the event of future quakes. As a team you 
will be creating a broadcasted special about earthquakes. This special 
should be informative for all of Quakeville's citizens including information 
about equipment used to detect earthquakes, causes of earthquakes, history 
of earthquake damage and earthquake safety. You will also be responsible for 
designing and producing pamphlets about earthquakes and earthquake safety to 
be distributed among the community members. Your taskforce must become 
experts in the field of earthquakes in order to be successful at this task. 
Good Luck!

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Quake, Rattle and Roll Webquest
Teams:  seismologist, geologist, safety expert and damage investigator

How Stuff Works- WebQuest Online Exercise
In this journey around the Web, we'll discover what causes earthquakes, how 
scientists can figure out their exact location, where they occurred last 
week and much, much more! Click on the Web site(s) after each question to 
find your answer

Earthquakes...A webquest:  If you live in Tennessee you probably feel pretty 
safe from earthquakes. However, some experts say there is a strong 
possibility of an earthquake happening again in our area. "Again", you say. 
Did you know that back in 1811 there was a pretty devastating earthquake 
near Memphis that rang church bells in South Carolina? It caused the 
Mississippi River to actually flow backwards and brought Reelfoot Lake into 
existence? Let's take a trip back in time to hear what those living at the 
time had to say about this devastating earthquake and then let's visit the 
future to see what the possibility of another earthquake of that size 
hitting our area might be. You will also become a seismologist and calculate 
an earthquake.

 Have you wondered why this WebQuest is called "Spaghetti EarthQuake?  Each 
team will design, build, and test a model structure made out of uncooked 
spaghetti sticks.  Your model will be tested on a specially built earthquake 
machine.  This machine simulates the stresses that occur during 
earthquakes.  Your model should be able to withstand a 10 second earthquake 
without collapsing.  You will be competing against other companies (teams) 
by attempting to build the best structure.  You and your teammates will give 
a brief presentation prior to the final test.  In this report you will 
discuss your Internet research and how it helped you design your structure.

 How much do you know about earthquakes? Sure, you probably know that they 
can cause serious damage to buildings, but there are also probably many 
things that you haven't learned yet. For instance, do you know what causes 
an earthquake in the first place? How often do earthquakes happen? What have 
been the most damaging earthquakes in the United States? How prepared would 
you be for an earthquake and its effects on your life? These are all 
questions that you will consider in this webquest!

Earthquake vs. Volcano:  Your team and a rival team are given a chance to 
choose where to live. One team will live near an earthquake fault and the 
other will live near a volcano. How will you choose? Perhaps you want 
whether earthquakes or volcanoes are more powerful. Or how often earthquake 
and volcanoes occur. Maybe you need to determine why earthquake and 
volcanoes occur. There will be other questions that you will need to answer.

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