Ms. Wallace      2nd Grade      Week of 12-11-17


READING:  We will read a holiday story and complete activities for the book.  Students will continue to bring home their blue reading bags to read at night.

MATH:  Students will continue Chapter 4 called "2-Digit Addition".  We will add 2-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

WRITING:  Students will continue the Nonfiction Unit of writing.  We are learning about nonfiction author Gail Gibbons.  Students will choose a topic that they would like to write a nonfiction book about.  We will also complete holiday writing activities.

FUNDATIONS:  We will learn about suffixes and vowel teams.

SCIENCE (Matter):  Students will construct a bridge using solid objects, go outdoors to identify solid objects, and complete a check-up for what they learned about solid objects.