Ms. Wallace      2nd Grade      Weekly Letter 10-13-17


READING:  We will learn about the elements of poetry and read poems.  Students have independent reading time every day. They will bring their blue book bags home each night to read. Please return blue book bags to school each day.  They are learning to use a reading log.  Students may record one book per night on their log.  When it is complete, they may return it to me for a small prize.

MATH:  Students will continue Chapter 1 called "Number Concepts".  We will learn about 2-digit numbers.

WRITING:  Students will be generating ideas and selecting a topic that they will develop into a personal narrative story.

FUNDATIONS:  We will finish Unit 2 and take a test.  We will begin Unit 3 and learn about the glued sounds old, ild, ind, olt, and ost.

SCIENCE:  We will participate in a STEM lesson.  Students will work in groups to create a "cauldron" to hold candy corn.  Students will also begin a unit about matter.  It is also our responsibility to water and care for the garden next week. 

*Box Tops are due Oct. 20th.
*Next week the school will learn about Fire Safety and have a visit from the Delanco Fire Department.
*Picture Day is Oct. 18th.