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Korff's Chem A HW

This webpage is updated EVERYDAY!!!! I have until 3pm to make daily changes.
After 3pm, then it's final for that day. You have to check the website everyday.

Reminder: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get notes, talk to the people from your group to get notes, go to the "do now/objective" page to see what you missed, go to the HW to catch up, to come up to me to hand in work, come up to me to give us whatever was due, etc. Do not come up to me and say you can not do a part of the test because you weren't here. You are juniors and it is up to you to keep up with the work when you are absent. I do not chase you for assignments. It is up to you to give it to me as per school policy. For every day you are absent, you have 2 days to make it up. If you do not have it by then, it is a zero!!!!!
Reminder: You have 48 hrs to see me about a grade you have a question about or disagree with. Once the 48 hrs expires, the issue is void. We will not argue about a grade that is old since it is YOUR responsibility to advocate for yourself and do your job to keep up with your grades. It is up to you to keep up with Genesis. Do not nickel and dime me about a point that is old. Grades are discussed BEFORE or AFTER SCHOOL. Make an appointment to let me know you are coming.

Korff's Office Hrs for Help: Every morning from 7:06am to 7:26am. Tuesday and Wednesday after school.  Give me a head's up that you are coming.

*Spring Break Europe Trip: There are 1 or 2 more openings for this spring break trip. See me asap if you are interested. The trip is called European Quartet: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels. Go to www.eftours.com and type in the tour number. 1391903CW

January 26, Monday
*Deal or No Deal: You either meet the requirements for our deal or you don't.
*Check website everyday during midterms.
1. My door is open every morning next week (starting at 6:45am) if you want more access to roundabouts and rapid fire.  There are 5 colored roundabouts and 6 white cards.  Obviously, the more cards you have done, the better.  If you are missing roundabouts or rapid fires, I would make friends and get help for what you don't have.
2. What to bring to midterms? toyotas (or you take it with your toes), lots of sharpened pencils, different color pen. DO NOT BE LATE! No extra time will be given if you are late. If you are absent, you must contact me to arrange a make up time with me personally.
Tuesday 1/27 Period 1; Wednesday 1/28 Period 10/11; Thursday 1/29 Period 3; Friday 1/30 Period 6/7
3. Study:  1.  Colored roundabouts (5) 2. White Roundabouts (6) 3. Rapid fire 4. Open Ended Topics 5. Review sheet problems.

January 28, Wednesday- Feb 3, Tuesday
*Deal or No Deal: You either meet the requirements for our deal or you don't.
*Check website everyday during midterms.
1. Study!!!  Lots at stake!
2. Grades are final.  Make sure you check Genesis to see if your grades are updated.  No changes will be made after Feb 4th.

Feb 3, Tuesday
1. Organize your binder for a binder check.  Do Now quiz when you get back.  You know the drill.  Catch up on missed DoNows from quarter 2.  Binder Quiz Wednesday, Feb 4.
2. Grades are final. Make sure you check Genesis to see if your grades are updated. No changes will be made after Feb 4th.
3. Watch the video and take notes.  If more than 2 people skip this assignment, we go to a quiz.  You know the drill.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQIqcT9a7DY
4.  Chemistry Idol coming up!  Who will be our next Idol?  Stay tuned!  Start thinking of who you want to work with (you can be alone or with one other Korffy kid from any Korffy class) and what topic you want to sing about.  

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