Edgar School Environmental Club


    The members of the Environmental Club engage in many activities related to plants, animals, and the environment.  Our main responsibility is to maintain the Edgar School Courtyard which has been designated a "Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat" by the National Wildlife Federation.  We make sure it continues to provide food, water, and shelter for a variety of wildlife. 

     Currently, the pond provides habitat for fish, frogs, and turtles. A variety of songbirds are attracted to the 
fruits and berries of native shrubs growing around the perimeter.  Bird feeders provide seed in the winter months.  Other critters that live in or visit the Courtyard are praying mantids, Swallowtail and Monarch caterpillars, dragonflies, several kinds of adult butterflies, and herons.  A vegetable garden, herb garden, and strawberry patch are maintained in the springtime.
     Prior club members have completed information flyers about all the native shrubs growing in Edgar Courtyard.  A binder containing copies of these flyers is now available in the Edgar Library.  

Here are a few specific activities done in the Courtyard:  

  • Care for the courtyard pond and its inhabitants
  • Taking care of the native shrubs and bushes in the Courtyard
  • Planting flowers to attract butterflies
  • Maintaining two compost bins
  • Setting up and maintaining bird feeders and bird bath during winter months

     Some other activities of the Club are:  planting and/or maintaining flower beds around the school, taking care of the planter pots in the front of the school, creating an inventory of wildlife in Edgar Woods, and conducting fundraisers In the past, we participated in activities for Arbor Day, including helping the Shade Tree Commission plant new trees on Edgar Field.  Also for Earth Day, club members have helped clean up Edgar Woods. 

  GROUP A                                GROUP B
 Sept. 25, 2013  Oct. 2, 2013   
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 Oct. 30 (both)  Oct. 30 (both)
 Nov. 13  Nov. 20
 Dec. 4     Dec. 11         

   GROUP A                                         GROUP B
January 15, 2014January 29, 2014
February 12, 2014Feb. 19, 2014
March 12, 2014
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March 26, 2014


April 9 or 10, 2014