You are responsible for your homework even when you're absent!

Week of March 20:


No log this week. (Let's see how you continue to move through your book!)
Read a minimum of 30 minutes.
List 4 Words: Use each in a BEST sentence (1-15) 

In addition to your independent reading, remember to use your bookmark to keep up with the One Book/One School reading of The Crossover. (Pages 137-196)


Read a minimum of 30 MINUTES.

Begin your Crossover Reflection in Google Classroom. Due Monday for ALL classes. (Follow model discussed in class.)


Read a minimum of 30 MINUTES.

Keep working on Crossover Reflection.


Read a minimum of 30 minutes .

Crossover Reflection

For One Book/One School, READ up to page

196 in The Crossover by Monday. 


Read a minimum of 90 minutes this weekend.

Finish the Crossover Reflection. Due on Monday for ALL classes.

210 minimum minutes read each week
Minimum Page Expectations for MP3: 1,410 by April 7.

Tuesday, March 7 marked the midway point of the marking period. Have YOU read at least five books? Ten books are due on April 7! 

You should be starting your 7th book by now.