Computers at Hampton

******* Hampton School's Network and Internet Access Policy*****

Hampton School actively integrates technology into the daily curriculum.  
Computers are available in each classroom as well as our computer lab.  All 
students receive instruction in research skills, keyboarding, Internet 
searching, online safety, and assorted computer applications twice weekly in 
the computer lab.  

Hampton School offers a high speed DSL connection to the Internet that allows 
students to take advantage of many educational opportunities. Students use 
Internet-based math and phonics exercises, Spanish and science tutorials, and 
online “field trips” to historical sites.  Students learn to do research 
relating to their schoolwork.  Students use the Hunterdon County Library’s 
web site to locate online periodical articles about their topics while 
learning to search an automated library database for print resources.

It is our goal to teach students the safe, ethical, and efficient use of 
information technology and the Internet. Students are instructed in effective 
searching strategies while the school's computer network filters web content. 
Students are allowed to use only the web site assigned by the teacher in 
charge and search strategies must be pre-approved.  Both the computer teacher 
and the classroom teacher closely monitor students while using the Internet.  
Students are not allowed to “surf” the Internet, access personal email or 
online journals, visit chat rooms, or use instant messenger programs while at 
Hampton School.  

In order to take advantage of the technological opportunities available at 
Hampton School, all students and their parents must read and sign 
an "Acceptable Use of and Access to District Computer Networks, Computers, 
and Resources" contract.  Signing this contract indicates that the student 
and their parents understand and agree to respect the school's network 

Students will not be permitted to use any computer or technology at Hampton 
School without this contract on file.

 Here are some web sites that students are using at Hampton School

· -- offers reading readiness and phonics-based 
activities that are closely aligned with our reading curriculum.
· -- a rich educational resource that 
supports the primary science and social study curriculums.

Grade 1
·  -- offers grade level activities reinforcing both 
reading and math skills.

Grade 2
· -- offers additional enrichment in language arts 
and math.

Grade 3
· -- information about holidays, birds, 
Native Americans and Animals
·  -- Lets talk about 
Insects – a tutorial offered by the University of Illinois explores different 
types of insects and their adaptations.  Offers students an opportunity to 
create their own bug.
· Animals Past and 
Present-- another tutorial offered by the University of Illinois describes 
animal life from the dinosaurs through the present day
·  Exploring the Secret 
Life of Trees – discusses photosynthesis in English and Spanish also from the 
University of Illinois.

Grade 4
· -- The Hunterdon County Library Web Page.  
Students learn to use Search-A-Saurus to locate magazine and news articles 
about dinosaurs, African Americans, transportation, and American Presidents
· Information about Transportation, 
dinosaurs, nutrition, and African Americans
·  -- the homepage of the FFFBI – Fur, Fin, 
Feathers Bureau of Investigations – students solve logic based mysteries.
·  -- Internet Safety
· --Nutrition
· Interactive science activities for grades 3-6, 
including simple machines, magnetism, environments, and landforms.

Grade 5
· -- Students research biomes, notable American 
Women, States, Oceans, and food chains,
· -- Information about States and Biomes
· -- an innovative tutorial 
about respecting copyright regulations
·  -- The Library of Congress’ education site – 
allows students to view original source documents.
· -- The National Women’s Hall of Fame

Grades 6,7,8

Students are urged to begin all research at the Hunterdon County Library Web 
Site.  All web usage is directly related to the curriculum.