The Capulet Ball

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Have you ever wished you were a part of the magic of Romeo and Juliet's first 
meeting at the Capulet mansion?  Think about how lucky you would be to 
witness the famous couple falling in love at first sight and to catch a 
glimpse of all the glamourous guests, gourmet food, ornate decorations, and 
music that the Renaissance brought to life!  It is comparable to walking down 
the red carpet at the Oscars and seeing those movie stars that you just 
love...undoubtedly a remarkable experience that could only happen in your 
dreams right?  Well, I beg to differ because you, yes you, have just been 
called upon by the rich and mighty Capulet to cater, decorate, entertain, and 
design costumes for his family and all of his guests that are coming to the 
Capulet Masquerade ball!  When your job is finished, Capulet has even 
extended his invitation to you!  "You're invited!  Come and crush a cup of 

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