Joining the Elizabethans at the Capulet Masquerade ball and being in charge of planning the whole event 
is no easy task.  You need to design costumes, prepare gourmet cuisine, provide high quality 
entertainment such as music and dancing, and decorate the majestic Capulet mansion!  Capulet expects 
the best since his guests are among the highest in Verona, and that is what you are expected to give him!  
Good luck!   

Each group member will take on one of the following roles:

The Party Decorator
The Costume Designer
The Chef
The Entertainer

Be sure to use the designated links on the home page to find out specifically what your role entails.  As a 
group, you will then create an instructional video that educates people on how Elizabethans entertained 
back in Shakespeare's time of the Renaissance;  a time in which arts of all kind flourished.