Good morrow, students! Thou may begin!  

1.  You will meet in groups of four upon which you were divided.
2.  The teacher will assign the designated roles randomly.
3.  Once roles have been assigned, students will discuss a meeting time and place to work on this project, 
as well as exchanging phone numbers or e-mail addresses.
4.  Each member will review their role using the links on the homepage of the webquest.
5.  Each role will be researched extensively by the student using the links below as a starting point.
6.  The group will come together and share information on the topic that your role required.
7.  As a group, brainstorm ideas to create an instructional video of no longer than five minutes on how to 
entertain in the Elizabethan Age.  
8.  Create and practice your performance, be sure to have any props you need to perform your role, 
come up with a creative name to represent your video and then film it!
9.  Write a reflection of no more than two pages that expresses the pros and cons of living in the 
Elizabethan Age and incorporates specific information you learned while working on this project.  Other 
reflections are welcome in addition to the ones specified above.
10.  Be prepared to present and discuss your videos on the date designated by the teacher.