Classroom Policy

All homework must be completed and handed in on the day it is due, before
class begins to receive full credit. Assignments that are tardy will not be
accepted. If a student is absent, the assignment must be handed in on the day
the student returns. Projects must be handed in on the day they are due
regardless of absence, particularly in the case of a fieldtrip.

*** Please note, that reading and writing are essential components of the
class. Therefore, students will be held responsible for several reading
assignments and essays both in class and at home.

If a student is absent, the student should check Genesis
and see Mrs. Kondratowicz for any missed assignments. Quizzes and tests
should be made up on the day the student returns to school or scheduled
after school during that week.

Class participation is very important in this class. It includes: taking
notes during the lectures; doing the assigned readings and writing
assignments; participating in the class discussions; and, in particular, good

All assignments are worth 100 points. Weighting of assignments has been
standardized within the Social Studies Department at PHS. Test will account
for 40% of a student's marking period average; quizzes are 15%; projects and
essays are 25%; and homework/classwork is worth 20%.

Once the bell rings and a student is not in his or her assigned seat, the
student will be deemed tardy to class. Please refer to the student handbook
for further details regarding the Paramus High School attendance policy.