AP Euro Resources

Below is a list of resources that AP EURO students will find useful for both 
exam preparation and writing essays.

This website has great practice tests for the exam,notes and 
primary sources.

This is the official College Board website.  It will allow you to 
view released exams.
College Board Released AP EURO Exams

This website provides outlines and notes to accompany the 
textbook readings.
A History of Western Society, Eighth Edition, McKay,Hill, Buckler

Citation Machine is an easy way to properly cite sources.
Citation Machine

OWL is produced by Purdue University.  It is considered a well 
respected online writing lab.


Get your international news from the BBC.
BBC - British Broadcast Corporation

Identify the countries of Europe while having fun :)
Europe Map Quiz

Compare and contrast countries economically, politically and 
socially.  The CIA Fact Book also contains quality of life 
indicators for every country in the world.
CIA Fact Book

Eugene Weber was a professor at UCLA and an expert on European 
history.  He produced these videos/lectures on various time 
periods using famous peices of art to enhance his student's 
understaning of European history.
The Western Tradition by Eugene Weber