World Studies Resources

Below is a list of useful resources that will assist students with their 
writing skills and keep them abreast of current events.

Get your international news from one of the largest and most 
respected broadcasting companies in the world.
BBC British Broadcast Corporation

Find out what is happening in the world and the US.
The New York Times

Improve your vocabulary, geography, and math skills, while 
feeding those in need.  The United Nations World Food Program 
created these games to build interest in the world's hunger 
problems and help young people build their SAT skills.

OWL is produced by Purdue University.  It is considered a well 
respected online writing lab.

Compare and contrast countries economically, polically and 
socially.  The CIA Fact Book contains useful quality of life 
indicators for every country in the world.
CIA Fact Book

Practice your skills identifing countries in Africa.
Africa Map Quiz

Find out which countries are the richest in the world and which 
are the poorests.  Which country has the most billionaires and 
who is the richest man/woman in the world?  Caution: I am not 
quite sure how valid the statistics are on this site.