Announcements Grade 5 Science/Humanities- Hr #201, 202, 203

                                BRICK PESHINE ACADEMY

              5th grade PARCC Assessments make-up week:
  Please be sure your child gets to school on time! Thanks...

To Students- Before you come to school EVERY DAY...       
        1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! ( check homework page for the assignments )
        2. Organize your binder, and get supplies(pencils, paper)
        3. SCHOLARS:Think about why you come to school every day. It 
         should be to learn, to grow as a person, and to contribute
         something positive to Brick Peshine Academy. What will you 
To PARENTS: Yes, you can help your child... 
          1.prepare/study for tests
          2.check their homework (see homework link)  
          3.check binders  for  neatness and organization
          4. feel free to e-mail me with any questions or 

    ONLY 22 DAYS REMAINING   Let's make the rest of this year amazing !!!