Announcements Grade 5 Science/Humanities- Hr #201, 202, 203

                                BRICK PESHINE ACADEMY
                                     HOMEROOM 201


To Students-        
        1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! ( check homework page for the assignments )
        2. Organize your binder, and get supplies(pencils, paper)
        3. SCHOLARS:Think about why you come to school every day. It SHOULD 
           be to learn, to grow as a person, and to contribute something 
           positive to Brick Peshine Academy.  
To PARENTS: Please help your child 1.prepare for tests 2.check their
            homework for neatness 3. e-mail me with any questions or 

                         Let's make this an amazing year!!!
              Check this page often for announcements and contests.
     If you are the FIRST to e-mail me the correct answer, you win a prize.
         What does it mean if the PLIMSOLL MARK disappears? 
              (check floating and sinking vocabulary)
 Congratulations to our winner,for the 3rd time,Ayasyah.    

    When the Plimsoll Mark disappear the ship begins to sink into water    
because it is carrying too much cargo.