PARENT NEWS Grade 6 Science/Social Studies- Hr #307, 308, 309



School Closed Monday AND TUESDAY, 1-25-16 AND 1-26-16 for SNOW DAYS

                   Dear Parents/Guardians,
  The second marking period is a unit of study about 
Physical Science. We are learning about atomic structure, changes in 
matter, chemistry, and a few more interesting topics.                              
  Some of the work may be very challenging, and that's where parents can 
really help! Here are some suggestions:
     1. Check their 3 ring SCIENCE binders to see that they are organized
         and neat.
     2. Every day, ask your child to tell you 1 thing that they
        learned or did in class
     3. Check homework daily
     4. Help them study for tests.
     5. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
        You can e-mail me, write a note,or arrange a conference with me.
  I am looking forward to a great school year, and with your help, know 
that all scholars will have one as well.
                                   Mr. Dan Fabrizio 
                                   6th grade science
                                   Hr 307, 308, 309