Students are encouraged to come to the Resource Room on time and prepared to work for the entire period.  No student is to enter the Resource Room with nothing to do.  This program is not a Prep.Pd, but a regular, scheduled class.  A Pass/Fail grade will be given, based on effort and compliance. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, as this room is a place where students come to do their work in a relaxed and quiet setting and on many occasions, are able to receive one-on-one supplemental instruction.  Everyone needs to respect the classroom rules, teacher expectations and one another.  
Students are encouraged to take tests in the Resource Room, as stated in ISP/IEPs.  Tests will be given orally, based on the suggestions in the ISP/IEPs.
All classroom teachers are to allow students to leave the classroom for test taking.  Students are encouraged to come to the Resource Room for silent reading assignments, or any kind of classwork that requires concentration skills and/or teacher assistance.
The Resource Room also offers individualized tutoring before homeroom begins.  This is an awesome opportunity for our resource students to get that extra help they need with areas of difficulty and/or homework assistance.  Homeroom tutoring begins at 7:30am and goes until 8am, at which time students will need to report to the gym for homeroom.  The results of making use of this kind of service are immeasurable.   
Our resource program has had a great amount of success over the years.   Students who make great use of this program throughout the course of the day seem to do extremely well on tests, and across the board with their studies.  To many, the resource room has become a place where students have been able to bring forth their best work.  It is a valuable service to Queen of Peace High School.  
Please feel free to contact me, via email at  or at any time for questions or concerns.  My extension is 233, so call anytime you have a concern or question. Feel free to reach out at any time.  
New to our resource program is the use Learning Ally program.  This is an audible and visible (audio books) that will be used in the resource room, as well as at home on a pc or tablet. Students are given a user name and password, so that they may access any text book, suggested reading books and a host of books that are in the Learning Ally Library  (over 85,000 books are in this system.)  Once students get comfortable with using the program, it is suggested students use this program with all silent reading material.  Some books are ONLY audible, so there will be a blank, white page , but the words will be read to the student.  They simply follow along with the text book.  Other books are both audio and visual.   Students will  download any text book onto their profile page.  Books are read orally and visually to the student at their own pace.  This has been extremely effective in raising reading comprehension levels, as well as test scores.