Each student will receive an "E.A.G.L.E. Binder." This binder contains your child's weekly homework sheet, reading log,  weekly words, and a Truman folder.  Homework, notices, and classwork will be found in the Truman folder. Please clean out the "Stay at Home" side of  your child's Truman folder nightly.

Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday each week. Homework reinforces the skills learned during the day.

Students write down their daily assignments on their homework paper. The Owl Sheet has their nightly Spelling homework.

Please discuss and review your child's homework each night.  *Afterwards, please sign each sheet of homework and the reading log.*  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Homework counts towards your child's marking period grade.  Please ensure their homework and Reading Log are done nightly. If your child has difficulty with their homework please note it on the homework or place a "*" by the question(s) your child had difficulty with. Thanks!