About the Teacher

NAME: Liljana Marku

SCHOOL: Samsel Upper Elementary

CLASS: 4th Grade Math Science Social Studies

SCHOOL PHONE: 732-316-4050

     I went to the University of Tirana, in Albania (Europe) where I earned 
my degree in Mathematics. I taught in Albania for seven years.  During those 
years, I taught math in both the public high school and middle school. While 
in the middle school, I served as Assistant Principal for one year. I moved 
here, to New Jersey, in May 2005. 
    After moving here, I taught math at the high school level and SAT prep at 
Huntington Learning Center in Bridgewater, NJ for 2 years.  I also taught 
math at St James Middle School in Woodbridge, NJ. I graduated in May 2010 
from ST. Peter's College where I earned a Master of Arts in Education. 
    I am very proud to say that this is my forth year teaching in the 
Sayreville School District. I am looking forward to an amazing 2013-2014 
school year!
              WELCOME TO MY CLASS!