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Class Procedures

Classroom procedures

•	We are a team.  Teams must work together to be a success!  
Therefore, respect of every student, teacher, and other person in the 
building is required of EVERYONE!   

1.	Homeroom is about 20 minutes long. This is not a time to socialize.  
This is a time to study for the day’s classes, do make up work, or do 
something equally constructive.

At the beginning of class:

1.	Walk in the room quietly and sit in your assigned seat.
2.	Place homework out on your desk.
3.	Copy the day’s homework into your agenda which is displayed in the 
same spot everyday.
4.	The first 5 minutes of class is the time to sharpen pencils and use 
the restroom.  After 5 minutes, you should be in your seat, ready to work.
5.	Do the “Do Now” which will be on the board.


1.	Homework is due the day after it is assigned, unless we say 
2.	Each assignment counts as 5 points of your homework grade.
3.	If your homework is not with you in class, we will write a note home 
in your homework agenda for your parents, and your parents MUST sign your 
agenda that night.  It is your responsibility to show us the signed agenda 
the next day at the beginning of class.
4.	Homework counts for 15% of your grade, which greatly influences your 
final average!

When you are absent:

1.	Check the homework board to see what assignments you have missed. 
2.	Check the absentee basket.  There should be any missed worksheets 
with your name on them in this basket.
3.	If you are confused, ask a dependable classmate on your own free 
time to help you with the assignment.  If this person cannot help you, we 
will be happy to help you during lunch or other free times.
4.	Work must be made up equal to the days absent.  For example, if you 
are absent for one day, you will have one day to make up the missed 
5.	If you are absent on the day of an assigned test or quiz, you will 
be required to make up the missed test/quiz ON THE DAY YOU RETURN!  
Extensions are unfair to the other students who only had a limited time to 
6.	If you miss class for TAG, music, or chorus, the same rules apply.
Dismissal from class:

1.	We will tell you when to begin packing up to leave the room.
2.	Each row is responsible for making sure the room is in the same 
condition when leaving as when you entered.

Walking in the hallways:

The SUES is a big school.  Therefore, other students may be in the middle of 
lessons when you are changing classes or walking to specials.  

1.	Quietly line up in number order.
2.	Walk quickly and silently.
3.	Stay to the right and stay on the colored tiles.

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