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Public speaking-7th grade

9/6-sign letter and get folder
9/13-Think of topics for the informative speech. We will begin working on it next week.
9/20-complete outline by Monday, 9/23. Practice informative speech.
9/23-complete note card by tomorrow. Practice informative speech.
9/24-be ready to deliver the informative speech for Wed, 9/25. All written work should have been completed in class and you must submit the outline and note card when you deliver the speech.
10/9-Demonstrative outline should be complete for Friday, 10/11. Make sure you meet all of the requirements (8 or more step process, 1.5-3.5 min long). Notecards should be completed by Monday, 10/14. Be ready to deliver on your assigned day next week, beginning Mon, 10/14.
10/22-We are researching and planning for the persuasive speech this week. It must be 3 min long and you must have 3 or more different TYPES of resources. Research  and facts to support your side are required.
10/28-Be ready to deliver the persuasive speech for next class!

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