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10/1/14 -
Write a half page historical fiction story about the Civil War.  You must use one of the methods discussed in class to generate your story idea.  Make sure that TADD is evident in your story.
9/30/14 -
Create 3 examples for each rule and each bullet from your capitalization notes.  Skip rule #2.  You should create 3 simple sentences for rules 1, 3, 5.  Create a list for the rest.  Please circle or highlight the letter that is capitalized in each example. 
9/29/14 -
Answer the following on a separate piece of paper....Do you agree with the message(s) that Lincoln delivered in his First Inaugural Address?  Why or why not?  Do you believe that the South or any other part of this country has the right to secede? Why or why not?
9/25/14 -
English - Study for Unit 1 Vocabulary test tomorrow
9/24/14 -
Social Studies - Read Lincoln's First Inaugural Address and write a paragraph that explains what was Lincoln's message to the South.  Also, highlight two sentences that support your ideas about Lincoln's message.
9/23/14 -
English - Study for Unit 1 Vocabulary test on Friday
9/22/14 -
English - Finish creating your mnemonic devices for unit 1 vocabulary.
9/18/14 -
English - On a separate piece of paper, write a sentence for each vocabulary word that uses context clues to show the meaning.
9/17/2014 -
English - Define each vocabulary word in unit 1.  Be sure to include the full definition and the part of speech.  Use the 1 definition that matches the way the word is used in the sample sentences.
9/16/2014 -
Social Studies - Using your observations from the pictures, think of a story that you could write using details from your observations.  Write a paragraph describing the setting and create a plot line with events that are listed and a climax.
9/15/2014 -
English - Find a simple story (children's book is great) and read it.  On a separate piece of paper, complete all of the Literary Device questions that we used for Little Charlie and His Tu-Ta-Roo Band. (12 questions) 

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