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9/18/14 -
English - On a separate piece of paper, write a sentence for each vocabulary word that uses context clues to show the meaning.
9/17/2014 -
English - Define each vocabulary word in unit 1.  Be sure to include the full definition and the part of speech.  Use the 1 definition that matches the way the word is used in the sample sentences.
9/16/2014 -
Social Studies - Using your observations from the pictures, think of a story that you could write using details from your observations.  Write a paragraph describing the setting and create a plot line with events that are listed and a climax.
9/15/2014 -
English - Find a simple story (children's book is great) and read it.  On a separate piece of paper, complete all of the Literary Device questions that we used for Little Charlie and His Tu-Ta-Roo Band. (12 questions) 

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