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12/18/14 -
AM Block - Write a 3 page research report that provides background information and explains the role in Civil Right Movement of the following people: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, and Jackie Robinson.  It must be typed, doubled spaced, and use Times New Roman size 12 font.  A works cited page should be included.
12/17/14 -
Write a paragraph using quotes and examples from the Jackie Robinson documentary and from the "Noble Experiment" that explains how Jackie Robinson was the ideal candidate for breaking the color barrier in professional baseball.
12/16/14 -
Write 10 sentences using the Unit 3 vocabulary words from "The Noble Experiment" that show the meaning of the word by using context clues.
12/15/14 -
Reading - Write a sentence that shows the meaning for the Unit 3 vocabulary words taken from "I Have a Dream"
Social Studies  - Write a summary for each of the first 10 paragraphs from King's "I Have a Dream" speech.
12/11/14 - Create a list of 10 topics that you would write your own version of King's, "I Have a Dream," speech. The topics can be relevant to your life, important changes in America/World, or wishes you have for the future.
12/10/14 - Finish reading the short story, "The Beginning of Violence," and complete the second half of the T-chart that we started in class.  
12/9/14 - Write a sentence using a independent clause comma rule for each FANBOYS (7 sentences).  Write a sentence for using the independent clause comma rule for each correlative conjunction (5 sentences).
12/8/14 - Write 10 sentences using the appositive comma rule, 5 sentences using the direct address comma rule, and 5 sentences using the parenthetical expression comma rule.
12/4/14 - Select 10 common prepositions and use them to write 10 sentences using the prepositional phrase comma rule.  Also, select 5 compound prepositions and write 5 sentences using the prepositional phrase comma rule.
12/3/14 -
Write 5 sentences using the mild exclamation comma rule and 5 sentences using the participial phrase comma rule
12/2/14 -
Study for a test on Sounder tomorrow.  Be sure you can discuss the theme of education in the novel, the historical accuracy of the novel, discuss why the author did not include names, and how the author illustrates racism throughout the novel.
12/1/14 - 
Complete the chapter 7/chapter 8 journal response in the Sounder packet about the quote, "only the unwise think that what is changed is dead."
11/25/14 - 
Finish reading the last page of chapter 5 and read chapter 6.  Be prepared for a quiz on the reading.
11/24/14 -
Complete the chapter 4 question in the Sounder packet
11/20/14 -
Complete the Sounder journal entry for chapters 4-6 about what it mean to be "born to lose."
11/19/14 -
Complete the chapter 3 question in the Sounder packet
11/18/14 -
Study for a commonly misused word quiz
11/17/14 -
Write a simple sentence using EACH commonly misused word.  You do not have to show the meaning, but you need to use the word properly and underline/highlight each word.
11/13/14 -
Study for Unit 2 vocabulary test tomorrow
Choose 11 words from unit 2 and create a mnemonic device for each. Try to use different mnemonic devices.
10/29/14 -
Create an outline for your persuasive essay about Lincoln's 10% plan vs the Wade-Davis Bill.
10/27/14 -
Finish Freedmen's Bureau poster and write a paragraph on the back that explains what you included and why.
10/23/14 -

Finish a final copy of your Civil War story that contains at least (3) magic 3s that are highlighted.  The previous 2 drafts should be handed in as well behind the final copy.  The final copy should be extremely neat and show considerable change between each draft.  Make sure there is a creative title for your story.

10/22/14 -
1. Study for the Civil War test on Friday
2. Complete final draft of O Captain! My Captain poem
Complete the top section of the social studies review sheet
Write a poem about a personal role model mimicking the same style as Walt Whitman's O Captain! My Captain!
10/15/14 -
Create a list of 10 possible Proclamation ideas and include a statement that explains why you are allowed to discuss this topic.
10/8/14 -
Journal Entry - Design a plan for reconstruction.   How would you allow the South back into the Union?  What would you require them to do?  Would you be lenient or harsh?  Why?
10/7/14 -
Read and take notes on the following sections from the Civil War reading packet...Western Advance, Eastern Stalemate, Gettysburg to Appomattox, With Malice Toward None, and Radical Reconstruction.
10/6/14 -
In your own words, explain how the president of the United States is elected.  In a second paragraph, explain how a president could receive less total votes (popular votes) and still win the election.  Why do you think we elect our president this way.
10/2/14 -
Write a second half page historical fiction story about the Civil War.  You must use one of the methods discussed in class to generate your story idea.  Make sure that TADD is evident in your story.
Also, study capitalization rules for a quiz tomorrow.
10/1/14 -
Write a half page historical fiction story about the Civil War.  You must use one of the methods discussed in class to generate your story idea.  Make sure that TADD is evident in your story.
9/30/14 -
Create 3 examples for each rule and each bullet from your capitalization notes.  Skip rule #2.  You should create 3 simple sentences for rules 1, 3, 5.  Create a list for the rest.  Please circle or highlight the letter that is capitalized in each example. 
9/29/14 -
Answer the following on a separate piece of paper....Do you agree with the message(s) that Lincoln delivered in his First Inaugural Address?  Why or why not?  Do you believe that the South or any other part of this country has the right to secede? Why or why not?
9/25/14 -
English - Study for Unit 1 Vocabulary test tomorrow
9/24/14 -
Social Studies - Read Lincoln's First Inaugural Address and write a paragraph that explains what was Lincoln's message to the South.  Also, highlight two sentences that support your ideas about Lincoln's message.
9/23/14 -
English - Study for Unit 1 Vocabulary test on Friday
9/22/14 -
English - Finish creating your mnemonic devices for unit 1 vocabulary.
9/18/14 -
English - On a separate piece of paper, write a sentence for each vocabulary word that uses context clues to show the meaning.
9/17/2014 -
English - Define each vocabulary word in unit 1.  Be sure to include the full definition and the part of speech.  Use the 1 definition that matches the way the word is used in the sample sentences.
9/16/2014 -
Social Studies - Using your observations from the pictures, think of a story that you could write using details from your observations.  Write a paragraph describing the setting and create a plot line with events that are listed and a climax.
9/15/2014 -
English - Find a simple story (children's book is great) and read it.  On a separate piece of paper, complete all of the Literary Device questions that we used for Little Charlie and His Tu-Ta-Roo Band. (12 questions) 

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