Stony Brook Library

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Grade 4

	Who Wants to Be a Librarian (reviews rules, policies and procedures) 
	New magazines booktalk  & Checkout 
	Readers Theater- The Louds Move In
	Put fiction books in alphabetical order and worksheet 
	Fiction Call Number Hunt  
	Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich 
	Putting nonfiction books in order and Dewey worksheet 	 
	Searching the online catalog and advanced search intro
	Reading the online catalog 
	Searching and Reading the online catalog 
	Application of OPAC
	Holiday Stories
	Using the Dictionary 
	Using the Almanac 
	www.worldbookonline.com worksheet 
	Sneetches video (10 min) and discussion questions
	Sneetches activity 
	Which Book is Which
	Trivia worksheets (reference books)  

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