Great site! Info about The Lightning Thief author Rick Riordan 

and his books, as well as cool links to pages about Greek 

Rick Riordan

Fun site with all kinds of info about the gods, heroes and 

monsters of Greek mythology! Some of the entries even have 

awesome, funny drawings of the characters. Check it out!
Winged Sandals

Interesting article about painstaking research that reveals that 

the ancient Greeks painted their statues in bright colors!
Repainted Greek Statues from the Smithsonian

Photos of Mexican Immigrants in the 1930s

Hey, it's Uncle Shel -- fun for all!
Shel Silverstein's Website

Explore different types of poetry!
Poetry Types

The webpage for all things Tolkien!
J.R.R. Tolkien -- The Tolkien Society

Updates about the movie!
J.R.R. Tolkien -- The Hobbit Movie Page

Information and movie-related fun...
The Hobbit Movie

Have some fun warping your brain!
Brain Bashers -- Optical Illusions & Puzzles

Some interesting comments from the author about HOTS and its in-

the-works sequel!
HOTS Author Nancy Farmer's Homepage

The author's webpage, including his advice for aspiring writers!
Christopher Paul Curtis's website

Great selection of recent photos from a quickly-growing nation 

that still holds onto to its fascinating past.
Photos of China Today

Another gallery of posters...
Chinese Communist Propaganda Posters (

A gallery of posters, organized by era in Communist history.
Chinese Communist Propaganda Posters (

The website of Red Scarf Girl author Ji-li Jiang
Ji-li Jiang's website

Links to the school's accounts with the Albuquerque Journal and

the New York Times.
Bosque School Research Tools 

There is A LOT of information on this site, but it's a very 

thorough collection of the history of science fiction ideas. 

Check out the section of the site called "Timeline" to see a 

chronological history of those ideas. There is also the "New"

section, which has the latest news about how science fiction 

ideas are becoming reality. You might find yourself an idea to 

use or play with for your own Sci-Fi Story!
Technovelgy -- Where Science Meets Fiction

The sub-title for this article is: "Five Inventions That Will 

Happen In Your Lifetime". Pretty cool ideas, each of which had 

its origin in a science fiction story.
Science Fiction Or Reality?

In case you don't have a bunch of helium-filled balloons, this is

your best bet for being able live at the top of a waterfall in 

South America!
Portable Housing Unit for Natural DIsaster Victims

Still looks too much like a plane...but still -- it's a flying 

car! But do we really want people flying the way they drive?
A Flying Car!

10 Modern Devices That Will Change Our Lives

15 Extremely Embarrassing Science Predictions

10 Ridiculously Specific Predictions That Came True

Top 10 Sci-Fi Inventions That Should Not Be Invented

10 Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Technologies That Really Exist