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   Les nouvelles de 4 – Johnson (4 Johnson News)

                                            lundi le 18 - 22 décembre, 2017

   Joyeuses Fêtes! Happy Holidays! I wish everyone a wonderful, meaningful holiday, filled with love, laughter and happiness. Rejoice with family and friends, and may love and light fill your home and heart.
   Our annual Soup Can Races took place last week; with all the fun and excitement, came the gift of hundreds of food donations for the Food Bank! Kylie's "Tomato Paste" will be moving onto the finals on Thursday. Again thank you so very much to everyone for your generous donations to this cause and to our Christmas Families campaign.

   The students are excited to present our BES Festive Variety Show, "December Nights, December Lights" on Tuesday at 1:15 pm. Hope to see you there .

   I will not be assigning homework or Dictée this week, as everyone has earned a well deserved break- including parents! If you are looking for enrichment over the holidays, reading, (en anglais et français), as well as multiplication strategies, 4 digit adding and subtraction problems, and my website Links page are recommended.

   I will be launching a new website in the New Year on Weebly. As soon as it is up and running, I will let everyone know.

   Jeleyna was our PATHS étoile de la semaine last week- Merci Jeleyna, Bien Fait! We look forward to hearing from Jada this week.

  On n'a pas des ANNIVERSAIRES dans le mois de décembre.  


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l'Éducation Physique

Caféteria:  Doigts d'ail (Garlic fingers) et la salade césar


Turf (dehors -outside avec Mme Johnson)
Caféteria: Wrap de poulet

Caféteria: Salade césar avec du poulet

l'Éducation Physique

La Musique

Caféteria: La pizza et le fruit

vendredi     *Pas d'école*
La Musique

              La Dictée cette semaine - Pas de dictée cette semaine! Joyeux Noël