Welcome to Guidance

Aims of Guidance Program - Park West School

Aligned with the program aims of the the Nova Scotia Comprehensive Guidance Program, the following outlines the components of our school's guidance program:

provide a structure to help meet the guidance and counselling needs of all students  

encourage respect for individual strengths and needs and social and cultural diversity

help students understand themselves and build meaningful relationships with others  

help students plan and achieve educational goals and explore personal career paths  

provide consultation and co-ordination services to educators, parents, administrators, and others who work with students

ensure the accessibility of guidance and counselling to all students  

provide developmental as well as preventative and reactive services

How To Access Guidance Services at Park West

Complete guidance slip located outside of guidance office and leave with Ms. Aucoin or slide under my door.  Your request will be addressed in order of priority and sequence

Send an email at taucoin@hrsb.ns.ca or phone: 902-457-7800 (ext.5271005)

Informed Consent and Confidentiality

Information received through the counselling relationship is confidential. The guidance counsellor regards such information as confidential and does not voluntarily divulge such information without the student’s prior consent, taking into consideration the age, maturity, and developmental level of the student. This statement applies equally to interview notes, tapes of interviews, test data, and any other documents used to assist in the counselling process.


(i) Consent: With the consent of the student, the guidance counsellor may divulge information received through the counselling relationship.

(ii) Potential Harm: If behaviour of the student threatens potential harm to him/herself or another person, the guidance counsellor must take appropriate action to protect the student and/or the other person.

(iii) Child Protection: A guidance counsellor, who has reason to believe that a child is or might be in need of protection, must immediately report the information to the appropriate authorities in accordance with legal obligations pursuant to child protection legislation.

(iv) Consultation and Collaboration: A guidance counsellor may consult and collaborate with other professionals for purposes of more effectively helping the student. The guidance counsellor must share only such information as will serve the best interests of the student.

(v) Legal Requirements: A guidance counsellor may be required to provide records in compliance with court ordered requests for information.