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Student Council

Student Council 2016 - 2017

Council meets Monday and Thursday afterschool

Co-President:  Julia Bedell and Chloe Goulden

Secretary:  Lori Marshall

Treasurer:  Joe MacIsaac

Assistant Treasurer:  Connor Adams

Grade 12 Reps:  Katie Snider and Daniel Winters

Grade 11 Reps: Maggie Grant and Jaden Slawter

Grade 10 Reps:  Nicole Marshall and Kailey Webber

Grade 9 Reps:  Emma Cameron, Angeleah O`Reilly, Maddie Gass, and Arielle Noseworthy

Sport Reps:  Nay Beals and Andrew Peverill

Art Reps:  Jesse Murray and Shannon MacKay

Green Rep:  Logan Oderkirk

Learning Centre:  Noah Metcalfe

Members at Large:  Hilary Ross and Megan Flanagan

International Rep: Ricardo Almeida Rojo



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