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Track Announcements

2015 - Track and Field May 19th and 20th is the First meet

Track and Field Supply List

Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

A hat or other head covering. May want to bring mittens/gloves.

Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.  (UV rays)

Enough food to last you the day.  (At this point there may not be a canteen 
on the premises.)  Make sure you have enough food such as sandwiches, granola 
bars, cereal bars, fruit, and other similar foods.  Do not bring ‘empty 
calorie’ foods!

Blankets, lawn chairs, tents, tarps…if bringing tarps, bring rope as well to 
tie them up.

Water, water, water….Juices and PowerAde’s are also acceptable.  Soda pop is 
not!  It will be very important that you keep hydrated.

Toilet Paper.  (Trust us on this one!  The paper goes very quickly!)

Rain gear (jackets, pants, umbrellas) There is little protection from the 
elements and if you are prepared, you will be soaked.

A change of clothing….Don’t forget extra socks! 

Proper footwear.  Bring your own sneakers and spikes, if using them.  (It is 
not necessary for you to run out and buy spikes!)  Pin spikes may not be 
above or below 0.7 in diameter. – They have to be 7 mm.  Officials will check 
spikes.  There is nothing worse than having to borrow shoes and run in them, 
providing someone will even lend them to you!

Your own athletic gear.  If you own Graham Creighton clothing, please plan to 
bring it and wear it.  You may not compete in clothing that is not athletic 
(shorts, tees, tank tops).  Some officials won’t permit you to wear long 
pants or long sleeve sweatshirts.  Be aware of this.

Do not bring: soccer balls, footballs, Frisbees, anything of value that you 
don’t want stolen!!  This is a track meet not a field day.  If extra sports 
equipment is confiscated, we may not be able to retrieve it for you.

Stay out of the Boys and Girls Club.

The meet will run rain or shine.  The only way it will be postponed is if 
there is thunder and lightning in the forecast.  The rain date is the 25th.  
Listen to the radio in the morning for postponement notices. 

View more information - NSSAF track and field Championship.

NSSAF website for track and field also has information on Provincials.

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