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November 20th - November 24th, 2017

Week # 2 Day 6-10



Homework will be sent on the first day of the week and is requested by Thursday to be returned. If homework cannot be completed on time please send in a note confirming that a parent/guardian is aware.

Homework will consist of:

1. Daily reading for 20 minutes

FocusSelecting a “Just Right” book (maintain fluency while paying attention to punctuation, read smoothly with expression and understand).

 Connections - (What does your reading remind you of? How does this help you to        understand that part better?)

Visualization - What does the mental movie in my mind look like? How does this mental image that I make help me to understand this part better?

Reading at Home

I encourage students to read for a minimum of 20 minutes at home each night in order to foster a love of reading. They should be focusing on fluency (making their reading sound like talking/ following the punctuation closely) and comprehension. Reading can be done independently or with a parent. It is important that students are selecting books that are “just right” for them.

A strategy to improve reading is to have your child read aloud on a regular basis. This allows children to self-monitor their reading for meaning (understanding/comprehension) and fluency (following punctuation and expression). When reading aloud, if a child reads a word that doesn't make sense, they will be able to stop and use a fix-up strategy (i.e. reread/ask and adult/etc.). Also, reading aloud will help to improve fluency and expression. Children will notice while reading aloud that their reading does not make sense if they are not following the punctuation.


2. Word Wall practice (Words under Homework link)

3. Math Sheet (division facts)

last 6 multiplication facts (6x6/6x7/6x8/7x7/7x8/8x8) need to be focused on daily

4. Pass in signed descriptive paragraph

Multiplication/Division practice at Home

Over the last few weeks in mental math we have begun to investigate multiplication strategies for multiplying single-digit numbers to 81 and are now connecting it with related division facts. In order for students to become proficient at simple multiplication and related division facts they must be able to recall their single-digit multiplication facts from 0-9 quickly. I strongly encourage students to continue to practice their facts until they are confident in their ability to recall them quickly. If a multiplication chart is needed it can be downloaded from our classroom website under the documents link. I would suggest quizzing them and having conversations surrounding how they arrived at their answer during any free time you may have.

Important Dates

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 - Assessment and Evaluation Day (No School)



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.